Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Would You Want To Be Me Right Now?

If you could trade places with me right now, would you?

Ha, of course not.

But some criminal did a little identity theft on me today.

She fricking emptied our checking account (plus savings) to pay two of her ginormous credit card bills.

Lou saw the transactions right away and contacted our bank, and all the money will be returned to us in the morning. Thank God.

Our banker said the two credit card companies will go after the woman. Grrr! Get her!

The bummer is that I'll have to spend time tomorrow with Patsy and Om at the bank, closing those accounts and opening new ones.

My plan was for a little fun on this last day before surgery. I figured I would be up for it because I could take a painkiller and have my Dad do the driving.

What fun? I want to go to Bed Bath Beyond to buy a cute new rug for standing at the kitchen sink. What, that doesn't get your heart beating faster? It's pretty heady stuff after three weeks trapped in the house!

No matter what, we'll have fun tomorrow.

I better try to get to sleep now.

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Jenn said...

That is scary! Sorry you have to waste your time fixing this, but so glad you caught it early! Have fun with Patsy & Omer. And keep the PACE! (I think about that just about every day now--love it!)

Drake said...

Don't you hate it! Keep the PACE! You are awesome. Act like a queen, let them drive you around! :) Anya

Amelia said...

There is something cosmically weird about this...

Dont' forget that if you have any re-occuring payments coming from your account that you have to close those individually. I got REALLY screwed up with this and it took me months to figure out.

I guess a day at the bank is better than a day...um....uh.... sitting stranded on the side of the road, in the blazing hot heat of a NC summer, with no water, and a tow truck scheduled to come "in a few hours"- which could be forever, and we all know it. Revel in the AC and get a lollipop. Heavens knows you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

WOW...just glad they're going after that lady; we had a similiar frickin fraud alert this past Friday with our checking account too....someone filled 3 different gas tanks in Maryland $350.00!! YIKES! Have fun anyway....I know you...you'll make the most of it. Glad your folks are here too!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for good results for you and an easier path ahead for the next few wks...you are in good hands w. your Lou and O and P and those Drs. better do their best too...so good luck..take care TTYL Love, Mrs. S. xxoo ps 1 of our cr cards got hacked for a night of porn...and they said it originated in AZ!!!!! hhhmmmm....:)