Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lots of Progress on Monday

Good things happened on Monday.

John (physical therapy) took me for a long walk using a walker. We peeked into  the "gym" where I could see the practice stairs and other equipment.

Maybe on Tuesday I learn how to go up the steps. I must climb four or five stairs to get into my house, but other than that, no stairs because I hardly ever go upstairs to Lou's domain.

Jenny (occupational therapy) worked with me more on how to move around and put on socks. She went over the bending/lifting/twisting restrictions for the 6 weeks. The most I can lift is a gallon of milk. I can't imagine lifting a gallon of milk right now.

Lou starts chuckling every time he points out that he'll be in charge of the washer and dryer.

Dr Downs removed one of my hemovacs! They are 4 inch round pie plate drains that have been sucking goo out of my incision. I had two to juggle, and now just one. Nice.

The removal process didn't hurt at all. I expressed my nervousness by asking if we ought to move certain pink fabric personal belongings (robe, tote)  further away in case blood spurted everywhere... But the doc assured me that it would be fine, and it was.

And I hung out with Patsy and Omer! Patsy and I had our lunches on trays together in my room, and my Dad took off for the cafeteria instead. Have I mentioned how great the food is here? Like eating in a restaurant, no kidding.

However, Monday was also migraine day. Early in the morning, like 5:15am, I saw blank spots and realized that I had a migraine.

Under normal circumstances, I would have taken Maxalt within the first five minutes and completely derailed the entire migraine.

But it took over two hours for the Maxalt to arrive. Hospitals! So this ended up being a doozy of a migraine. It lasted all day, and I had all the symptoms.  

Including where I cannot  speak well because I cannot think of words. I warned my nurse that was normal for me during a migraine. Here on the neurosciences wing, they are always on the lookout for "brain attacks." I did not want to draw that kind of attention.

Patsy even had to text Carol and Christy at the last minute not to visit me, which broken my heart, because around 4:30, I was suddenly completely nauseated. Luckily, I got anti-barfing meds and went to sleep with P and O watching over me.

When P and O split, I had baked salmon dinner followed by a wonderful night's sleep.

I am lucky to have a stroke patient as my current roommate because the staff are making a huge effort to have zero nighttime interruptions for everyone in this room, so she can sleep uninterrupted. Super nice! Plus she and her family are very sweet.

What will today bring?

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Aunt peggy said...

Good morning, Karen. Glad you had a good day, and a good night sleep! Have they made you swear off ironing?
Sorry that you had a migraine headache. Glad you are wandering out and about. Keep up the progress.
Love, aunt Peggy

Karen said...

It's possible to iron without ever lifting the entire thing up off the ironing board. Just tilt and slide.

But a few moments of pleasure would not be worth messing up my back recovery.

Do you think my Rowenta weighs more than a gallon of milk? I'll check.

Anonymous said...

Glad you have good food--salmon, lots of Omegas for healing. And sleep!


shauna said...

A stellar day for Cheers yesterday. 44 comments! WOW. Glad to hear the migraine has passed. I'm with Aunt Peggy on the ironing. But wait, you LIKE ironing, right? Do you have the Rowenta steam Iron? it makes ironing blissful. will check in later xoxoShauna

Carol Quast said...

I love my Rowenta! Got it from QVC during my QVC addiction years. (So glad that has passed. But it sure was nice coming home to packages and not remembering what I had ordered. It was like Christmas several times a week!)

So glad you are feeling better.


Tinalynne said...

Glad there was lots of progress yesterday. I hope today was the same. Dumb Migrains....ugh! So glad you can have a restful night. Glad Omer and Patsy can watch over you. Its a little worrisome that Lou will have control over the washer and dryer! But hey if he messes up your clothes he gets to buy you more! Love you tons and tons and tons Kaybee!

Anonymous said...

You are your grandmother's grandchild! She ironed everything. She would have loved a Rowena!