Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feels Just Like Home

This hospital room strangely feels just like home.

It's my first double room. There is a very sweet husband and wife in their like 50s behind the curtains, and it's just like cubicles at my old company, Intemec, impossible not to listen.

(They have requested a private room but are apparently waitlisted.)

The reason it's just like my bedroom at home is that they together breath and snuffle EXACTLY like Lou!

It is not snoring, it's just breathing. Amused me when it stated. Gave me the giggles. Now its comforting.

The bed is awesome like my bed.

I am on my back, and I am drugged so comfy.

Now, the differences.

Over and over, some supportive family member steps out of their own room so as not to disturb their loved one, and conducts casual loud long mobile phone calls in the open space outside my door!!!

Ooh if I weren't so forgetful bc drugged I would have stranger-danger personal intrigue to share avec vous based on those calls.

I have not gotten up yet. They said I could but I am waiting till morning. I am moving my legs and feets and arms etc. Like a chair dance.

My shoulders are sore from being in one position for whole surgery.

Chocolate cake for dinner bc mistakenly put on regular food. Sugar 304 before bed so diet immediately changed.

Folks at home, I have a new list of stuff for you to bring! Although that statement is suspiciously close to diabetic statement, I swear not to be asking for candy.

Number one difference: I am making myself sleep or snooze or rest even tho still on decadron bc I need sleep to heal.

(Only awake now to post bc roommate gets Lots of Nurse Visits in night and beeping equip but God Bless Her)

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Karen said...

Actually the nurse was completely WRONG about me getting up last night. I could sit up but NOT get up. Thank God I demurred.

The doctors decided this morning that today I will get up, but only when some person comes to help. It will be a big deal, gwtting up. Looking forward to it.

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