Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dad's on the Roof

I got to look over my Dad's shoulder at some old pictures on his PC.

So this is my Dad standing on the roof of our old house in Woodinville, Washington -- cleaning windows for us.

My Dad is a maniac!

Look at that sunny blue sky! When it isn't raining, the Pacific Northwest is a totally beautiful place.


Karen said...

In response to this sunny picture, I got email from a good friend in Everett, WA, to tell me that it has been raining so hard and so long in the Seattle area that her neighbor is building an ark.

Anonymous said...

These are the things that your Dad and Mr. S. do....I try not to look....back in the day you'd never know what they were up too and whatever they did it was done for eternity...:)...I know I've tried to get out the screws or nails from a shelf...Love, Mrs. S. xxoo