Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Should I Just Ignore You?

Early Tuesday morning, there was some intense negotiations via texting to determine if two friends would visit me in the UNC Neuroscience Hospital before lunch.

(I've deleted all the texts, so I'm working from my faulty memory.)

Anyway, I love Doane and Heather. I'd enjoy their visit. I'd be laughing. But Tuesday morning wasn't good, for reasons best left unsaid.

At one point, Doane asked, "Should I just ignore what you're saying and come anyways, because I know you want visitors?"

"Ha ha ha! NO! Don't ignore me."

But that was my best offer to be ignored ever.

Plus, I think I got a committment that they will come visit me at home ASAP. (Knock on wood. I think I am coming home on Wednesday.)

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Karen said...

Oh wow, did I put the word "just" in the title in the WRONG PLACE.

On my phone, it's easy to post and read, near impossible to correct and adjust.

Soon I'll be home though and I can log on and clean up.