Saturday, May 12, 2012

Slashed that Decadron Dose

Yesterday the decadron dose was 2mg, and I slept great last night.

This morning the decadron dose was 1mg, and I slept great all afternoon.

Sleeping is really important for healing.

I am still hopeful that PT shows up to take me for a walk as promised. But I am starting to pep talk myself so I am not completely devastated if it doesn't happen.

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Karen said...

No PT and no walk. Darn darn darn.

Georgia said...

Hey Karen, still amazed at the frequency of your posts- you are doing great girl.
All this time you have been going on about Decadron- I'm thinking-this stuff sounds amazing - only to find out it is the same stuff that I am on right now to complement the GEMTAX- we call it "Dexamethasone" -it's very nice stuff unless you want to sleep-which I discovered last week when a had a hypo!!! Cheers,