Thursday, May 3, 2012

Early Voting

I am good for one errand or event per day, and today it will be early voting in the North Carolina primary. We have our sample ballots all filled out, all the decisions have been made, so now we just go and vote somewhere in Garner. (I printed the directions.)

We used to use absentee ballots when we lived in Washington State, but early voting is sort of fun. It's fun to go to the polling place, make the effort, be part of the event, all at a time of our choosing.

But, early voting doesn't start till 11:00am today.  Why am I up?  Decadron I think.  I have been WIDE AWAKE for a little while, so I finally gave up and popped out of bed.

Bad news: there is nothing to iron. The closet here in my office is completely empty. All our clothes are hanging in the master closet (or crumpled dirty in a hamper, and I draw the line at ironing dirty things).

Oooh, but I have not touched up the ruffles on the sheets for the guest bad for Patsy and Omer!! Ah, decadron also makes the little grey cells fire. (I recently watched a couple of Poirot episodes on Netflix.)

Things are going okay. I am looking forward to the surgery on Wednesday. I wish it were sooner, but then again I don't relish how I'll feel the night before.

My ankle developed a heck of a bruise. It is still swollen, but I can walk just fine.


Friends have offered to bring us meals, which is so sweet and exciting and convenient -- but we basically asked that they hold off till after my parents have come and gone, because that is when we assume we'll need support.

But my great friend from work, Meredyth, dropped by Wednesday night with buckets of something called taco soup and something else called cornbread.

Our Thursday night dinner was comprised of these items, and it was an event. Fabulous! Delicious! And there is another whole bucket o' soup in the freezer! Meredyth, thanks so much.

We are going to need recipes. My marriage might not survive the vicious fighting over the cornbread.

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