Friday, May 11, 2012

Flush with Success

From 1:53am till 2:48am, that's how long it took from making the decision to pee, squirming out of bed, getting walked to bathroom, accomplishing task, washing hands, walking back to bed, and then squirming all the way back into my original position.

Maybe this is TMI.

Heck, the whole blog is TMI.

The biggest deal is the squirming back into bed.

I start at the foot of the bed and have to get my head like 5 inches from the headboard, or else I am slumped when I sit up.

After shift change earlier tonight, on another pee break, my fabulous nurse tech was offering advice on a better way to start off, so the journey is shorter.

I thanked her but explained that the long journey, unsupervised, is like aerobics and yoga and mountain climbing and meditation. I know I am moving better because of it. I am more flex and LESS SCARED to wiggle.

She was like, "most people want to minimize the exertion required," and she was happy for me.

But she was more happy for herself, because she and the nurse thought they had to help and were planning to drag me into position. Dear God no.

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Karen said...

You know how they told me additional pain is coming? Well none yet. Zippo. Nada.

It's been just regular expected moderate pain that completely disappears with scheduled pill.

Mary Beth said...

You are funny :). I am so glad to hear the pain seems moderate/manageable. Thinking of you lots. Hope you got back to sleep and have a peaceful day.