Saturday, May 12, 2012

I'm on a Locked Ward!

This is a locked ward!

You have to be buzzed in, and buzzed out.

My friend Susan just laughed her butt off that some body finally got me locked up.

This afternoon, my fantastic nurse, Mahogany, explained that there are head trauma and brain surgery cases here on this Neurological Hospital Wing.

Those patients can become confused. They might try to leave. Or they might pull out their feeding tube or IV.

Actually, this explanation was reassuring because I vividly remember hearing someone ask, in the wee quiet hours of the night, why room so-and-so was "in restraints."

(It's exciting to have the nurses station right outside my door.)


Yikes. Automatically, I started picturing myself in restraints. Not good. So I decided to think about something else.

And I am super polite to all hospital staff, hee hee.

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Thandi said...

Love your humor!

Thandi said...

Love your humor!

Carol Quast said...

you are so crazy (pun intended!) thanks for the entertaining posts. And "Mahogany" is such an unusual and beautiful name.