Saturday, May 12, 2012

Healing Touch Appointment

Amelia Vogler is my Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, and she came here this morning to work on me.

Like pizza delivery for "energy work"!

Lots of nurses to Healing Touch as part of their continuing education so it's not unheard of.

As usual, I felt good afterward. She said my energy field is really strong.

I asked if she could focus on my bowel, and she did a procedure for that. Usually I fall asleep and don't watch, but today I got to watch her hands dancing around over my abdominal area. It was pretty.

There was a bit of drama this morning right before Amelia arrived. I sat up and saw that the absorbant pad under me was soaked with watery bloody goo! Yikes!

The nurse came right quick.

I was like, "Did I tear out a drain?!" They said no and I decided I better just calm down.

One of the connectors on one of the drains had loosened up and leaked. Whew. Trivial.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and sending love, light, and good energy. You are in our prayers and God's healing hands. Allen and Carole.