Friday, May 4, 2012

Vote Early, Vote Often

We didn't early vote on Thursday, so we'll do it today (Friday).

We always spend a lot of time picking the judges. I laugh to myself about hoping to never go in front of one.

I was sleeping so peacefully on painkillers but now I am awake.  

Not on painkillers, I have one boring position in bed that's pain free, on my right side, no pillow under my head, blah. (But I thank God I found it.)

On painkillers, I can sleep however I want. I woke up on my stomach, smashed up against Lou, hugging my pillow... Nice.

Maybe I shouldn't submit sleepy bizarre painkiller posts like this.

Our sheets are chocolate brown with a stripe in the weave. Had to get new sheets for the new mattress. That is always fun.

Our quilt is blue and exactly matches Tinalynne's blue quilt. By accident they match. A million years ago, I admired hers, she said JCPenney, and somehow I got the exact same one.

I better just shut up now.

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