Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Belated Anniversary, Jeff and Lynda

Lou is dubbing videos from VHS to DVD for Patsy and Omer.

So last night, I got to see Jeff and Lynda's wedding!  On May 2, 1992! Happy Belated Twentieth Anniversary, you two!

Twenty years is a huge accomplishment. Gosh, you were both so young and gorgeous and happy. Lots of kissing at this wedding!

One thing I did not understand was "Puff The Magic Dragon" being played during dinner for Lynda by her coworkers. It was hysterical, but I would love to hear the story behind it.

It was super cool to see everyone, especially Patsy and Omer all dolled up, dancing and laughing.

Ned Charpentier cut an awesome and impressive figure doing the twist. I can't remember everyone, but it was fun to see the Tom and Gloria Brittain, and Jimmy and Pat Souza in the receiving line.

I also got to see some people who are no longer with us, which was bittersweet.

Of course, I was keeping an eye out for myself. Finally, I saw Tinalynne and I doing the Electric Slide on the crowded dance floor. We had some good moves. (I still have those earrings.)

For some reason, Lou was not my guest at this event, despite the fact that we got married like 3 months later. Last night, he really teased me about not being my date, hee hee. Way back then, there was at least one aunt who made it clear to me that she thought maybe Tinalynne was going to be my life partner, and she just wanted me to know that was really okay with her.

Maybe that misconception was inevitable, since I like never dated anyone and brought only Tinalynne to every single family event. And Patsy was always making some special dish for Tinalynne, like chicken instead of ham, just like a good mom would do to help woo a prospective bridegroom. Of course, I eventually brought around Lou, and Tinalynne eventually brought around Michael, and then we married them!

I will admit (since it is just us talking here) that I always had an expectation that some day in the far far far future, Tinalynne and I would be rickety old widows living together somewhere. With cats.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the trip down memory lane....I can only imagine which aunt it need for me to know but...I'll let my mind run wild...:)xxoo Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Great post, Karen. I felt like I was there! Love, CQ

Anonymous said...

What a fun post. And thank goodness for those wonderful aunts who love us for being exactly who we are, no matter what! Hugs, Meredyth

Jenn said...

I really love this post too. What great memories!

Karen said...

Hey Jenn I just found the little match stick bride and groom that you made for Lou and me for our wedding! They still look great and made me smile.