Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lou Conquered the Conquistador!

Saturday was a funny day. Really enjoyable.

We started the day at our local Brigs restaurant. The door was still locked when we arrived at exactly 7:00AM, opening time. Our goal was for Lou to eat the last of six Royal Skillet breakfasts so that he could get a free t-shirt that says, "I Conquered The Conquistador." Hey, such goals and distractions are good for the mind -- if not for the arteries.

After breakfast, since I was still in good shape, we actually grocery shopped. Since I have been side-lined, we have been ordering groceries online and picking them up at our Harris Teeter. It's a good system, but it is not the same as wandering through the store. I had three things to pick up for Patsy and Omer. I could not find Smuckers Sugar-Free Maple Syrup. Grrrr. Got the other two items though.

The rest of the day, it's almost like we vacationed from each other!

Lou and Bailey took a really long walk, and then Lou watched hours and hours of Frontline on the world-wide financial disaster caused by those credit risk swap, mortgage backed security thingies.

Meanwhile, I was either lying on the floor of my office (to avoid taking pain killers) or working in my closet to arrange things just so. I was also ruthlessly throwing away anything that needed to be thrown away.

Our plan had been a big salad for lunch, but we decided on a whim to go out for Mexican food for Cinqo de Mayo. It was great. We both got fajitas and brought home enough leftovers for an army.

Saturday was not a great day for pain. I ended up taking a painkiller at bedtime, which meant that I slept great. But I did sleep short, only from like 11:00PM to 3:30AM. I have surrendered to the weirdness of my decadron-fueled sleep pattern and look forward to a Sunday afternoon nap.

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