Friday, May 18, 2012

Dip This in Chocolate

Gosh, I have been quiet since arriving home on Wednesday. I've only been home for 48 hours, but it seems longer. Parts of my hospital experience are a distant blur.

Pretty much all I have been doing is lurking on the blog, soaking up your encouraging comments, and adding replies.

Lou is upstairs working. Patsy and Omer have gone to the medical supply store to pick up my cane. I am in the office, reclined in the LazyGirl, with Veronica my pink laptop so I can type on a real keyboard, instead of my phone.


A delivery person just rang at the front door with something for me. Lou carried in, not a vase of flowers, but two boxes from Edible Arrangements! OH MY GOD! Everything we have ever recieved from this company has been excellent.

We busted open one box, which contained two each of chocolate-covered strawberries, bananas, and green apples. I think we both ate two items each, which leaves two items in one box -- plus a completely untouched other box. And I got chocolate all over my face, hands, neck, and laptop.

This amazing gift is from my Aunt Frankie and Uncle Glen. Dearest Frankie and Glen, thank you so much. You are so sweet. You really know how to spread the joy.

Just wait till Patsy and Omer get home. (Don't tell, but I did suggest that if we polished off both boxes, and cleaned up all the choco evidence, no one need ever know... but Lou's cooler head prevailed.)


Gul said...

So good to hear your chocolate joys! we miss you here. This was one great week to be away from here. we are all moving our offices in place. i have done more manual labor today than i have done in ages.

can't wait to see you. Take good care of yourself. xoxoxo Gul

Anonymous said...

Maybe Lou remembered that Patsy and Omar read this blog.


Enjoy the chocolaty fruits.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ Love, Sharon

Karen said...

We each ate a chocolate-dipped strawberry, and determined that there is indeed heaven on earth.

There are banana chunks and apple slices left, and Lou is buying up people's banana chunk rights (he has no interest in apples).

Georgia said...

I received a similar gift after my hysterectomy last year - great memories of eating our way through it! Enjoy being spoilt- you deserve it!