Friday, May 18, 2012


Last year, we installed a walkway across the front lawn.

This afternoon, I walked down the walkway with my fantastic cane. We chatted with neighbors, and then i headed back into the house to rest.

Did I mention going down and up the front porch steps?! It was a workout.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Karen!! Recovery is hard after surgery but you'll do great! It's good to read your blog. I saw you visited my caring bridge. I updated it today because of you. Nothing much to say......

I pray you heal quickly!!!

Kelly Maigaard

Anonymous said...

thank goodness for a walkway...some times those little blades of grass are like mountains....and the stairs....phew yes, that is a workout...funny what we take as usual until some muscle complains but I know you are still in good hands and safe and sound at home...little steps first Love, Mrs. S. xxoo