Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pain is Coming

Doctors have been visiting me all day since really early this morning.

I love UNC.

I am so glad we chose Dr Jaikumar. One of the nurses said we were lucky lucky to get him. We have Dr David Morris to thank for that.

Anyway, I was warned this morning that I feel so great because long-lasting anesthesia painkiller has not worn off yet.

It will wear off soon. Then it's just me and oxycodone, but oxycodone is nothing to sneeze at.

In addition, someone eventually shows up to get me to stand up, and that'll be a challenge with pain (he said).

So, I was texting with my good friend Lisa in AZ and she said something brilliant. (First part is familiar; second part is the kicker.)

Live in the moment while there's no pain. When the pain comes, think about the future!


Thanks, Lisa.

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Tinalynne said...

You must be the best patient on that side of the US! I love the blog about the x-ray...not the pain part but the rest was funny! So glad you like your docs and nurses! And the pain....take those drugs Missy! : ) Amazing that they are standing you up today...that is pretty darn cool that they can put metal in your back and you can stand the next day! Hey now you are the bionic women! Both you and Lou will be setting off the metal detectors at the airports!

Anonymous said...

That would be woman! Did you not teach me how to spell during all our long writing escapades? HA!

Jenn said...

Ha, TL you are funny. :-)
Karen, I am so glad the surgery went well. I was thinking about your post from a couple days ago when you asked would anyone want to be you right now. I don't think there's anyone reading this blog who wouldn't be you for a minute if it meant we could make at least part of this easier for you. And I am consistently amazed at your attitude--to have this much fight and determination, even in the face of something that would make most of us want to crawl into a hole and never come out--heck, who WOULDN'T want to be you? You rock. Love to you and Lou.

Anonymous said...

Eric and I are watching your blog to see how you're doing. We're so glad that you are making good progress. The present and the future are good, but don't forget to remember all the love in your past!

Your old friend,


Karen said...

Oh, Jenn, you really blew me away with this. Thanks so much. I feel like I just got a giant hug from the universe.

Karen said...

Our dominoes games and tapeworms might be a thing of the past, dear friend, but our friendship is present tense! I bet that Lou and me think of you all at the beach as much as you think of us. The best part was watching your boys grow up right in front of us.

Karen said...

It took me forever to find "women" instead of "woman" in your comment. I am so impaired. Can't even find a typo.

It takes me forever to write each post. Helps that I am stuck lying here, fueled by decadron with no one to talk to.

I have a roommate so I am trying to not talk on phone at all.

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I feel out of it. I didn't even know what you've been going thru. My computer crashed about six weeks ago and I lost your blog and being my age, couldn't remember what it was so I didn't get cued in until now. Sorry you've been in so much pain but I absolutely marvel at your dynamic attitude. Keep going girl. The world needs more Karen's around.
Luv ya!