Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parade of Roommates

I have been in this hospital room for eight days!

I was installed here some time after surgery last Wednesday --- and here it is, Wednesday again.

I am on my third roommate. It's a lucky room because people are getting better and going home.

I won't say anything directly about anyone. Everyone behaved admirably in the circumstances. No one wants to be here, be sick, and be just behind a curtain from some stranger.

But it has been educational. Plus, I am following a couple of LMS survivors.

So, I feel really lucky about some stuff that has not happened to me:

I'm not confused, brain damaged, or in restraints.

No organ was nicked in a cancer surgery, causing so much trouble that the cancer is in the back seat.

I don't have an infection.

No chemo has caused any permanent damage to my heart.

(If any of those things have happened to you, I hope I haven't hurt your feelings by mentioning them.)


Dr Reidel called home to find out how I am doing! What a great guy. Lou gave him all the details. I will see Dr R around mid-June.

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