Friday, May 11, 2012


What a good day.

I finally slept after breakfast, with ear plugs.

Woke up to talk to Dr Jaikumar for a couple minutes. He said the surgery was a success. You betcha. I was happy for the chance to  thank him. As he was leaving I told him he is a rock star. (That's the drugs talking.)

Then Jane from Physical Therapy (PT) showed up at 11:30. I got up the way I have been doing it.

At first, she was trying to lift me up. She usually gets a patient up for the first time, and that requires a lot of lifting and coaching. Hey I had two people lifting and trying to calm me down that first time.

My major restriction: no twisting.  (I had to admit I twisted once, but promised not to again for next six weeks.)

I went for a walk! I wanted to peek out my door. Very pretty out there, with the nurses station and fancy  glass-enclosed family room that I am calling the fish bowl.

I was just walking upright with no support besides Jane's arm. I got ambitious and wanted to cross the hallway.

That totally exhausted me. A nurse had to fetch the walker, which was a huge relief.

Took a long time to get back to bed. I was trembling. But proud. Jane said it was fifty feet.

There is very limited PT on Saturdays, but I got an appnt which is excellent.

Patsy and Omer had arrived in time to see me walk. Jane told them I did great.

My parents pampered me all day till leaving just before 8pm.

Body parts that hurt got massaged! Talk about long lasting relief.

I even slept for awhile. Patsy sat in the recliner next to my bed and read. Omer went to the fish bowl and read.
So I am all comfy cozy ready to sleep but sort of wide awake. The decadron has been slashed by half, so I do hope for sleep.

My quality of life here has been significantly improved by ear plugs. My new roommates are watching TV but I can't hear it. And there is always something going on at the nurses station.

Um, not that anyone would, but please no flowers. This shared room is completely insanely tiny. There is no space for anything beyond essentials.

Oh the bathroom is huge and roomy tho. Vastly better than Duke.

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