Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weather Report

The app on my phone says it is 72 degrees and cloudy, but that it feels like a party!

Lou and I are going down to the coffee shop for a hot beverage. (Usually I would run down alone.)

Talk to you later.

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Karen said...

On vacation, my one job is to run down (or up or across) to fetch the first coffee of the day, if there is a coffee shop.

My goal is to deliver to Lou in bed, because he does that for me all the time at home. But now we're doing it together, which might be cuter.

The breakfast buffet beckoned us, so we ate, looked at USA Today headlines, got Starbucks coffee to go from the coffee shop, got beach towels for later, and then scoped out the closest few pools.

That wore me out, so I am back in bed. Today might be a day of rest to recover from travel day.

So happy to be here!

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly, Karen! Love the travelog. Have a lovely time.


Drake said...

I am so glad you made this trip! Enjoy, enjoy! Anya

Anonymous said...

Sounds really lovely. It is 90 degrees here and super-humid. 70s sounds fantastic. Enjoy it!!