Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fantastic Blue Diamond transportation

This has been an amazing trip. I feel really relaxed and happy --- and grateful.

I've already thanked Lou for being my perfect travel agent.

But none of this could have happened without my Blue Diamond limo.

Physically, I needed to be able to lie down and stretch out for the 3.5 hour ride. Scrunched in the back of a car would not have been good enough. Sure, I would have gotten here, but then I would've needed a day and a half to bounce back.

Fiscally, taking the limo would have broken the budget at $1800.00.

But our neighbor Bob is their Senior Driver, and he talked to Carrie Peele.  
Bob says that Carrie does a lot with the American Cancer Society in North Carolina, and knows how to deliver joy to a person in need.

I dunno if I'm supposed to spill the beans on the screaming deal she gave us, but we are basically just paying the IRS rate for the limo ($520), plus whatever we give our buddy Bob.

If you're in need of a limo, do me a favor and consider using Blue Diamond as a way to thank them for me.

Oh great, now I am a little choked up.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Lou, Thank you so much for all the wonderful updates about your vacation. I sounds like the most fabulous time and especially I liked all the descriptions about dinner last night. Makes me wish I was there with you!! I hope that your ride home in the limo goes well and that you also took lots of pictures to post. Love you so much and wishing you an awesome upcoming weekend!! xoxo Debbie P. from Bellevue

Anonymous said...

Will do, Karen. It's good to know about people--and companies--that care. There more of both out there than one would think.

Hope you are continuing to have a lovely time.


Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL Time!!! Thank You for Sharing ALL of this With US!!! Love You Lots!!! xoxo Sharon W. from Bellevue, WA

Anonymous said...

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