Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feeling Better

Today I made progress and feel better.

Rough day though. Lots of stuff for my parents to help with. Don't want to be more detailed than that.

Also met and really liked Lawanda my aide. Helped me bathe. Oh how the mighty have fallen hee hee hee!

Watched about an hour of Olympics tonight with Lou.

Because I am unable to post from my phone I am using Lou's.

So if you want to see updates from me then you should scan the comments for the current post. I have no trouble with making comments from my phone.

Sent from Lou's Android phone.


Anonymous said...

Karen, so glad that today was better, even though harder in other ways. We're thinking of you everyday! Lou is busting my butt in Words--as usual!

Linda, Carol and Evelyn

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and glad today was better for you. Jim and I say hello and love and hugs from us both to you and Lou! Off now to BNG ....... xoxo Debbie P.

Anonymous said...

Am so glad you are feeling better.

I hope the next item we see Lou "fixing" in a picture is not his phone. Then we'd be in trouble.

But how would we even get the picture at that point :-)

Karen said...

OMG, Heidi, you are so funny! Yup, dropping his phone right now would be bad.

Maybe you need to start looking for Lou in every picture, like those "Where's Waldo?" drawings.