Thursday, July 5, 2012

Up and Down

Last night, there was a lot of pain and misery. But today is good. So I guess my condition is "up and down."

I think I finally might make it to the Barnes and Noble today!

There has been a painter here all week. The sunroom is an amazing yellow! The laundry room is an amazing blue!

But we have run into trouble touching up the walls in the TV room. These walls go two stories high, and it's not in the budget to completely paint them, floor to ceiling. None of the paint that we have from the builder is matching.

So the painter got a fresh gallon color matched from Sherwin Williams, and we're hoping for the best.

I am not going to worry about it.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning, dear Karen! The colors sound lovely, and I hope you have a day full of sunshine and rest. I'm glad you're feeling well this morning.

It's even sunny here on the West Coast this morning. That has to be an indicator.

Much love,

Jeannie and family

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an every other day cycle.
Glad you feel good this am! Do you have a book in mind? I just finished reading a weird and long book...looking for something fluffier for the next read.

Love you,
you know from Kirklandia...

Carol Quast said...

It is sooo difficult to match existing paint! I tried to do it to avoid having to repaint my upper (beige) walls in the living room. I just kept adding white a little at the time. It was finally "close enough". I don't think anyone can tell. (Please don't tell me if you've noticed it before. Just let me continue to live in blissful ignorance.)

Have a continued good day!