Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Feeling Much Better

I woke up this morning feeling a thousand times better than last night.

I am well rested and absolutely nothing hurts. I was even HUNGRY so my Dad made me one quarter of a salmon bagel! Yum.

I just wanted to get that news out ASAP.

Last night, I wish I had remembered, "This too shall pass."

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MaryBeth said...

Yeah! That is wonderful news. Thanks for sharing; your post made me smile :). Hope it continues to be a good day.

Carol Quast said...

Very good news first thing this morning! Thanks Karen.

Anonymous said...

So glad to read this! (so sorry you have had some rough days lately). Glad your parents arrived safely....having them with you this week makes everyone happy! See you on Monday! Jane

Mary Mcenteer said...

Yay God!

Gail Tate said...

Yum salmon bagel! Glad you are feeling better today! Enjoy your parents visit!