Monday, July 2, 2012

Spending a Lot of Time in Bed

Gosh, I am exhausted and spending a lot of time in bed.

My big outing today was to go buy a pair of pants that have a waistband that won't put pressure on my abdomen.

I have lost weight, but my abdomen continues to swell because that tumor continues to grow.

At a Catherines store, Patsy and I found perfect white capris, very soft cotton, very wimpy waistband.

For the last few hours I have been really uncomfortable, I guess it's pain, from the continued swelling.

This is all bad news. Perhaps things are progressing faster than expected.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.

Lou is great. He takes my hand, and I feel better. And it helps so much that Patsy and Omer are here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

I'm glad you have found things that help you be comfortable, but oh, I'm so sad to read this. Glad that you have Patsy and Omer with you right now, but sorry for the reason they are there right now. Sorry about so much that is happening for you. I'm sending love, with thanks for the honesty and kindness you put in all your messages to us, your friends who don't know what to say but will be damned before we let it stop us from writing. Hope I got my pronouns right there.

Much love,

Jeannie (with Eric, Tom, Phil, Jane, and Clark)

Anonymous said...

We find comfort that you are in the good hands of O and P and your wonderful Lou..take care...continued prayers are sent your way always...Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

Mary Mcenteer said...

I continue to pray for you Karen. I wish you much love and spiritual comfort.

Carol Quast said...

Dear Karen, Thanks so much for your post. I am so glad that Lou is there to comfort you, and Patsy and Omer too. Love and gentle hugs, Carol

Jenn said...

I'm sorry you don't have better news for us too. But thank you for the updates. Much love to you and that sweet Lou.

Thandi said...

Glad you have a supportive network and a loving husband to be there for you. Thank you for continuing to update us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I am sad to hear that you are feeling worse and more tired with your parents just arriving for their visit. I am sure their being there with you and Lou is such a comfort for all of you. Jim and I are sending all our love and wish there was something we could do to help you and Lou besides writing in your blog. But know that we are with you in spirit and hope that the next few days are better for you!! Love you lots!! xoxo Debbie P. from Bellevue

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable. Aren't stretch waistbands great. I have many and with a "T" shirt overtop, no one has to know but I'm confortable. Glad to hear O & P are there. Lou, as always, is what you need right now. God Bless him. Hope your day tomorrow will be better.

Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

Love You!!! xoxo Sharon from Bellevue, WA

Mary Beth said...

Hi Karen,
I am sorry to see that you are not feeling comfortable and that you are exhausted. I hope today is a better day. I have been out of town and so am just catching up on your blog. You have been busy. I am glad that you have been able to spend time with people you love. It sounds like you had a great visit with your friend-shopping and sushi-good stuff. I'm sure it is a comfort too that your parents are with you. And of course, your wonderful husband is always there (he is great). How is the "happy hospice nurse"? I hope she has turned out to be a good fit for you. Wishing you the best day possible. Thank you for keeping us updated. You and your family are in my thought and prayers every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, so sorry that you're uncomfortable. I hope having Lou and your parents there can at least
Take your mind off the discomfort. You're in my
Thoughts all the time, sending you love and prayers.