Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pounding Surf vs Placid Pool

Yesterday morning, I tottered out onto the beach after breakfast.

The sand here is hard-packed and very flat. Even the dryest part of the beach is hard-packed, so I could walk on it without too much trouble.

Lou picked up one tiny perfect shell for me. Usually I spend hours hunting shells or rocks. But I don't feel bad about not being able to do that. With my stomach so swollen, I cannot bend over.

We dumped our stuff and went straight into the water. I hung onto Lou when waves crashed into us. We walked quite a way in and never really got deep.

When big waves hit us, I clung with two hands and turned sideways. I didn't really want to get knocked over.

We were laughing pretty hard.

Eventually, I floated for awhile with Lou as my anchor. I got battered! I got ground into the sand when the outgoing wave stole all our water!

Then a quick succession of three huge waves tossed me magically back onto my feet, and I was ready to get out.

We rinsed off the sand, got clean towels, got drinks, and found comfy chairs in the shade. Eventually we ate lunch. Then we went to our room and I think I slept all aft.

My pain is under control, but I am taking a lot of it. Thank God for painkillers.

Today, we are not going into the ocean. Today we will do pools. There will be no big waves or sand, but there are kids. Jumping, splashing, yelling, fun!

Plus, I downloaded 3 Nero Wolfe audio books (that I have never read) to my phone. Heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Hugs Karen,
We are so happy that you are enjoying the ocean. The pool may be better, as it won't try to wave you over...... and , being in water really helps to relieve pressure/ pain.'s goal is to be buoyant :-)
Continue to relax and enjoy! Enjoy your books,too.
All of us will keep you in our prayers, got your back covered
Love Aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

I'm going through a Dorothy Sayers mystery phase. It's fun to hear that you are listening to the Nero Wolfe series. Hope you have a wonderful day, and please send us another report soon.

Lots of love, Jeannie

Karen said...

I didn't mention that I was wearing a Landsend two-piece bathing suit. (The two pieces overlap.) Anyway, if I had not pinned the two pieces together, the surf would have ripped off my bottoms for sure. I shudder to think of it.

Jenn said...

This sounds so fun--I am jealous! Love jenn

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the bathing suit made me laugh out loud. Sounds like terrific fun... well, aside from the risk of sudden nudity!! :D