Sunday, July 29, 2012

Used the Walker for Saturday Lunch Outing

Sue and Irv took us out to lunch on Saturday.

Originally, we were planning to try Irregardless Cafe in Raleigh. Although we've seen many rave reviews, neither Lou nor I had ever been. Sue and Irv have been and have enjoyed it.

But at the last minute, we changed the plan. Because it's a brunch, it might be a buffet, and that would have been impossible with the walker. (I have been awfully unsteady on my feet for the last few days. Thank God, weeks ago, Gerry lent us Joe's walker; it's a godsend.)

We went to Tripps instead.

Lunch was excellent. Conversation was excellent. And, although we made a flood of special demands, our waitress was excellent.

When I say the conversation was excellent, I mean so engrossing that our waitress found it near impossible to interrupt Lou and Irv when she returned with additional questions.


Karen said...

I apologize, but I am having some technical diffulties posting to the blog, and as a result you might see some duplicate posts til I resolve the issue.

Good news is, there have been 75,570 pageviews during the entire life of the blog! Now that cheers me on!

Carol Quast said...

You are much loved, Karen - proved by 75,570 pageviews! I really like the Irregardless. I've never seen a buffet line there but then I've never been for Saturday brunch so I can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

You will never bother me by sending duplicate posts. It's your voice and thoughts I love, so send them all! Send them many times! Send them to us!

Eric sends best regards, too.

Much love, Jeannie