Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bigger Pants

Yesterday afternoon, Patsy and Omer flew back to Arizona to close up their house, pack their stuff, and get ready to drive back here. They're moving into their furnished apartment on July 30. Yahoo!  It was really easy to let them go home yesterday, knowing that they would be back in a jiffy.

Nick and Sharon from across the street drove them to the airport in the rain. Nick popped his head in our front door when he got back to let us know that he had delivered them safely to the airport. Shortly after that, Patsy called to report that they were checked in.

Now let's back up to early Monday morning. Because this was our last morning together for awhile, I made myself get up and take painkillers and be ready to participate.

We left the house at about 9:00am and drove over to the apartment complex. There is still a guy living in their apartment, so we knew we could not see it. But we toured around the parking lots and found the car wash station, trash collection area, pool, mailboxes, etc. It all looks really nice. And they are walking distance to the movie theater! Super! We also toured the entire mall area. There are a lot of good stores there.

Next, we headed to Cary. We had a coffee break at the Starbucks in the Crossroads shopping center. Once we were rejuvenated, we went across the parking lot to the Catherines clothing store because I needed bigger pants. My abdomen has grown a lot this week. Pants that were comfortable are no longer comfortable because they put pressure directly on the area where the big tumor is.

It wasn't easy, but I found some capris with giant gentle elastic waistbands and slim legs, so it does not look like I am wearing baloony clown pants. (I hope.)

Next we ran an errand for Lou. We got a super absorbent mat for outside the back door. We are hoping to stop Miss Bailey from tracking water and dirt into the house. We found something at BBB. Luckily, today we are expecting RAIN so we can test the new mat.

By this time, I was completely wiped out. I was in pain, stretched out on the back seat, too miserable to even fall asleep. Luckily, my Mom remembered that I was due for a painkiller, and she had one in her pocketbook.

We picked up lunch and came home. I went to the Chinese restaurant to get Lou's lunch, and my parents went to Subway to get our lunches.

There was a very strange mixup at Subway. I wanted a BLT. I figured since I am eating so little, if I wanted a bite or two of a BLT then by golly why not. But when we got home, what I ended up with was a BACON only sandwhich. No lettuce.  No tomato. Because I was so exhausted from being out for so long, I actually cried! (Poor Patsy felt bad for not watching the woman make my sandwich but honestly who would have expected to ask for a BLT and just get the B?!) I didn't cry for long -- I started laughing, because it was ridiculous.

Basically I spent the rest of the day in bed, in pain, trying to recover from the morning's over-exertion excursion. My vanpool pals dropped by at 5:00pm for a great visit, but I will have to tell you about that after Lou forwards me the picture we took.


Anonymous said...

Hugs Karen, sorry you missed out on L &T. Should have just had an Oreo. ;-)
Glad you found some comfy capris.
Love you gobs, aunt Peggy

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen, thank you for the stories, which I love to read. It is so like you to follow frustration with a good laugh. Good for you!

Much love, Jeannie and family

Anonymous said...

I am SO Grateful For You! Love You Tons xoxo, Sharon from Bellevue, WA

Mary Beth said...

Hi Karen,
It is great to hear that your parents will be back pretty soon. It is also good to know that you are still able to laugh at yourself :). So, is your brother there yet? I hope you have a good visit with him too.
I am sorry to hear that the stomach tumor is growing quickly. I am always hoping for a peaceful and pain free day for you. You and Lou and your whole family continue to be in my prayers. Hope you are able to enjoy this (slightly) cooler weather.

Tinalynne said...

I would cry too if subway made me a bacon only sandwich! Thats just nasty! Nice mamma Patsy! Mamma's purses always have everything gum, kleenex, bandaids, hairdoodles and painkillers! Glad you found comfy pants capris, that is a nice store you have there!

Anonymous said...

gee the person at Subway didn't think that a bacon sandwich was a little odd .....maybe a clarification would have saved you a lot of misery...then again it gave you a laugh!!!! take care Love Mrs. S. xxoo last wk the MacD's person forgot the fries in a kids happy meal...our Thomas was not happy...today I made sure they were in the box...:)

Anonymous said...

I got a burger once from Jack-in-the-Box that didn't have the burger!

Carol Quast said...

Hey Karen, my sister told me of a way to fix-loosen existing elastic. Maybe we can try it on the ones you can't wear anymore (in case I mess them up - no real loss).

Jenn said...

When Tim was little, he would actually order a BLT minus the L&T. So he would've gobbled that sandwich right up! LOL But that big ol' boy is 12 years old today, and not so picky anymore...which actually reminds me of another sandwich story: when I was pregnant with him, I craved PB&J ALL the time! One day I was sitting at work and it was about 10:00--too early for lunch--and I got such a bad craving that I called all the sandwich places in town to find out 1) if they had PB&J, and 2) if they would bring me one. No one did. :-( Which made me cry. And then laugh at the ridiculousness of my situation. So I can definitely relate.
But on the up side--YAY comfy pants! And I am excited for you that Patsy and Omer get to come back and stay a while...in what sounds like a great place, no less.
Love, jenn

Karen said...

There's a small business idea for you! A delivery service for expecting Moms. PBJ at 10:30am, no problem! Pickles & ice cream at midnight? On its way! A new husband at 4am? Maybe we send a heart-shaped helium balloon instead...