Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bob and Sally Arrived Safely!

Bob and Sally are here for the weekend!

So if you are wondering why it seems as tho your texts or calls have been ignored, now you know why.

They flew in a few days ago and did some sightseeing in Virginia (I think). I probably shouldn't blog in the middle of the night if I am sleepy and lack facts.

But now they are all ours.

OK, whoa, I just WOKE UP holding my phone! I'm going back to sleep now. Tomorrow you can hear about these wonderful friends from the Seattle area.

But I will say that Sally's cheerful, spiritual cards and notes over these years of chemo have certainly cheered me on.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the visit with your friends. You have been quite the busy bee socializing, traveling to the beach, and hosting "parties". Good for you and good FOR you. You still have your celebratory, generous spirit!Looking forward to when we see you.

Carol Quast said...

Woohoo! Enjoy your visit! Love, Carol