Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bounce in My Step

I worked eight and a half hours yesterday! 

I had a bounce in my step all day.  I walked to Building T for lunch, which was awesome. (The walk was awesome, the lunch was just fine.)  What a great day. At one point, I was thinking, "It's a shame I have to get chemo on Thursday and ruin this."  Ha!

But I think the chemo is working.  I am hardly taking any Advil at all.  That is a HUGE improvement over taking three Advil every six hours.  I hope to feel even better after the next dose. 

Let's do it!  Thursday can't get here fast enough.

I'm bringing Star Trek Voyager discs from NetFlix to the hospital. We just started watching the series over again from the beginning.  We're still in Season 1.  It's so familiar and yet unfamiliar because we saw these episodes like a million years ago.

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