Friday, March 4, 2011

contrary to our plans

Contrary to our plan that Lou would hang at the hotel all day so he could work, he showed up unannounced at my door while I was proving to the doctor that I do not have neurological toxemia!

I was so glad to see Lou! Once the doctor set me free, we took a stroll to Starbucks. Now we are watching a Star Trek Voyager episode on Nick's old laptop. There is nothing I would rather be doing! (Well, unless there was a genie granting me three wishes.)

Hey, if you had three wishes, would you give one of them to me?! I would wish for a complete and miraculous recovery, all tumors gone.

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omerandpat said...

If we had three wishes, we'd give them all to you.
Love you,
Mom and Dad

Jean Trainor said...

Can I have one of the others please? Also I never knew why Alladin didnt make his last wish,three more wishes please, ad infinitim