Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easter Bunny Came Early

My pal Kathy from Washington State sent me an Easter care package! 

It arrived yesterday, and made me very happy.  It's a huge box full of peeps!  Blue peeps!  Orange peeps!  Classic yellow peeps!  Fabulous pink peeps.  Proud purple peeps!  Environmentally-sound green peeps!

Lou and I are knee deep in peeps.

There are so many peeps, I could start a peeps farm.  Hmmm, what kind of response would I get from the Homeowners Association if I asked permission to buy a peeps coop so that the peeps could run free across the golf course?

Kathy is a birder.  A birdwatcher.  A member of the National Audubon Society.  So peeps must be like the officially recognized birds of Easter.

Shhhhhhh, oooh, the box also contained Lindt chocolate baby chicks, but I'm keeping quiet about those because I do not want to share.

I am feeling great!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool! So glad to hear that you are feeling so good! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are feeling've earned it and BTW Happy St. Pat's Day to can eat the green peeps...Love, Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear you're so good. Peeps at Easter have always been one of my favorites but I never realized they came in so many colors. Enjoy!
Luv ya!


Anonymous said...

You are one of my favorite peeps!!
You don't have to share the chocolate chicks, chicky:p
Love you,
Kathy from Kent