Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Was a Blur

Sunday was a blur of naps and Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. The nausea kept coming back, so I took all the appropriate anit-nausea drugs on schedule. That put me to sleep for most of the day. And when I was up, I think I was sort of zombified.

After Robert delivered us safely home, I pretty much went straight to bed. The doorbell woke me up later. Lou had arranged for John next door to pick up soup from the Chinese restaurant for lunch, because I had said that I wanted egg drop wonton for lunch. It was totally awesome.

I was up for awhile, watching a Denzel Washington movie about a runaway train. I know I said earlier that we watched Star Trek movies -- this one had Chris Pine in it, who is the new Captain Kirk... does that count?

Actually the Star Trek movies came next.  Lou watched most of Generations by himself, because I went back to bed. But I got up in time to see my favorite part, where the two Enterprise captains work together. Then we watched First Contact, and I managed to stay up for the entire movie.

Carl and Pat delivered dinner, which was this amazing thing they call speedies.  It was raining so hard all day, I kept thinking dinner would be rained out.  But Carl got here through the rain.

We didn't stay up very late. Despite sleeping for most of the day, I fell right to sleep.  I woke up on schedule probably every two hours. There was a point after midnight where I could have taken more anti-nausea drugs, but I did not. I was feeling fine each time I woke up.  I am hoping that the first day is the worst, and that for the next two days the once-a day Decadron alone can keep me free from nausea.

But now it is wicked early, and I am up.

Lou and Samantha are asleep.


Delpfine said...

I liked Unstoppable. Did you?

Anonymous said...

Egg Drop Wonton Yum!