Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Cancer Related

Yesterday I forgot to update my blog and forgot to call the doctor! 

I had a great day, though. I was full of energy and got a lot done at work. Around 3:30, I did experience low energy, but I had a cuppa and it passed. Ah, but doesn't everyone experience low energy at 3:30?  Usually I have a cup of tea and a yogurt and keep working and think nothing of it. No intense internal scrutiny required. One of my neighbors up the street told me that her oncologist once told her that she was entitled to have normal illnesses while she was on chemo, and that every headache or twinge was not cancer related.

My scalp is so much better, I probably don't need to call the doctor now.


Anonymous said...

3:30 is my most down time of the day! Or right after a big lunch and chocolate chip cookie! Thanks for sharing your day. Love and Hugs from Bellevue, WA XOXO

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're getting back to your normal self. Keep going!! Luv ya!