Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"I was thinking..."

"I was thinking you might want some pre-chemo sushi.  If so, we should go tonight."

That just came in via email from Lou, who reigns supreme and unchallenged as The Best Husband in the world. 

My chemo nurse said that I should avoid raw sushi, but there is plenty of fully cooked fabulous sushi items to choose from.  So, Mom, no need to worry.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Can my husband call your husband for advice??? :)~


anya said...

Hope you ate some for me! What a husband!

Anonymous said...

Lou is the greatest - BUT so are you. Keep going, you're doing great and you deserve the best.


Anonymous said...

Go kick some cancer butt tomorrow!!!! love, cq

Anonymous said...

Lou and you are the greatest. You landed the prize when you caught Lou!