Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day Three, Retrospective

Man, it is a lot harder to write these after some time has passed and all the details have faded!  But I was really tired and unable to blog till now.  I guess I am having a Decadron surge of energy.  Plus so many people have called and emailed and posted to Facebook, I figured that I had better get the word out that I am OK.

I was WIDE AWAKE again at 4:00AM on Saturday.  I had a lot of energy and was surfing the web with the hope that the next day (Sunday) I would get a gift card for my birthday from Lou, and I wanted to be ready to buy something.  I know, I am hopeless.

I showered early again and got to Starbucks at about 6:30.  I tried a tall decaf mocha with only one pump of chocolate, with whipped cream, yum.  The same lady took my order every morning, so we were old pals by now.

I had my third dose of chemo at 10:30, on schedule, because my nurse Lindsay was on a mission to get me home on time. For this dose, they gave me Compazine via the IV before the chemo, and I think that made a world of difference.  I did not get nauseated, which was a miracle.  (I did get nauseated on Friday afternoon, after my second dose, which was sort of upsetting, but they gave me Compazine and it worked.)  I was really really sleepy.

Lou and Brent arrived at about 11:00. I was really drowsy and spent a lot of the time lying in bed listening to them talk with my eyes closed.

But at 5:00 approached, I woke up.  Lou basically packed up the room for me, I got dressed, and we were discharged at an amazing 5:00PM!  Doane picked us up at 5:30.  On the way home, she swung by our favorite Chinese restaurant on the way home for takeout dinner.

Lou and I had a nice evening at home.

I woke up a million times that night, and probably woke Lou up every time.  But it was so great to be home early.  Too bad we can't count on that schedule every time.

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