Friday, February 25, 2011

Hats On Sale

The pain in my chest is not completely gone, but it has been dramatically reduced.  I am taking Advil once a day now, instead of every six hours.

This is great news. To me, it says that this chemo is working.  Yahoo!  Happy Dance!

Last night I stopped by JC Penney because they sent me a $10 coupon.  Those coupons are hard to resist.  Anyway, I wandered around looking for something to buy, and I found that the entire collection of casual hats (like, cheery vacation straw hats) are all on sale at a whopping 30% off!

I tried on a million hats and eventually fell in love with one.

With the discount and the coupon, I paid $7.53 (including tax) for this most excellent hat.  (Okay, math whizzes, what was the regular price of that hat? Show your work.)

I need to go to the ribbon store. It would be cool to change the ribbon to match my outfit.

Hair loss expected to begin in 8 days.


Anonymous said...

I'm no math wizard but I'm saying $51 for original price and that you will look terrific in it esp., since it was a steal $$$$ Love, Mrs. S. xxxooo

Anonymous said...

nope, wait a minute I need to rethink this....:)how about $26 for original price...??? I x instead of / Love, Mrs. S. xxoo and as you can see math was not a strength :) and you still will look good

Anonymous said...

25.50 But you did not say if $7 was before/after tax. At any rate, it was a good deal. Can't wait to see it on you. As always in my Ts & Ps.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're having a good day. You sound great! Enjoy your show tonight. Susan and I are going to see Vocalmotion perform at SAS. I'm looking forward to it.

seangregory said...

$24.46? I'll email you my calc.

anya said...

I can tell JCP is not using our markdown solution yet. To your benefit I must note!