Sunday, March 13, 2011


Brace yourself.  I am going to complain about a gross and painful condition.

Every time I lose my hair, my scalp goes nuts with an awful follicular rash.  It's like the worst, most disgusting acne you can imagine -- on your head -- and painful!

A few days ago, it started with a couple of red bumps.  I have some over-the-counter liquid hydrocortisone, and it helped once before to control the rash, so I have been dabbing my head multiple times per day.  But I am losing the battle.The rash is now all over my head, and it is messy because some of the bumps burst.  (I told you this would be gross.)

Anyway, this means that tomorrow I have to call the doctor to ask for antibiotics. The antibiotics will clear it up in a jiffy.  I have been a good sport; I have tried hydrocortisone; but I am throwing in the towel.

Other than that, I feel great.  I didn't have to take a nap at all on Saturday.  Lou and I watched an entire Star Trek Voyager disc, we went to Sushi Nine in Raleigh for lunch, and we went to Lowes to look at utility sinks and buy a bag of stuff to dump on the lawn to prevent crabgrass.

Got to go.  There are barn swallows on the front porch, trying to set up housekeeping.  We sprayed the walls with Pam and it is working, but the birdies are upset and milling around, pooping.  I keep going out there and shooing them away.

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Martha Kartaoui said...

Just want you to know that I am thinking about you. I don't have any idea how you stay so positive but you are truely a inspiration for all of us! Jamie and I send our love and we are so glad to read that you are feeling great and are in good spirits! HUGS, MARTHA- Avante