Friday, March 4, 2011

first dose complete at 4:00 AM

The first dose is complete!

I got the ifosfamide from 9 to 10 PM, followed by a protective drug called Mezna at midnight and again at 3AM. The last Mezna just beeped to indicate that it was complete. It woke me up. I have been asleep pretty good since 10PM.

I was sleepy and sort of nauseated all day. I think it was because of the trouble with my port. Now I love this port and think everyone should have one. This problem has only happened twice in the 4 years I've had this puppy installed.

A sort of blood clot called a sheath formed so there was no way to get blood out of me. The solution is to fill the port with TPA and let it sit for an hour and then draw it back out and voila the blockkage is cleared.

The difficulty for me was that the first nuse flushed the port like six times trying to to clear it. When the port is flushed I get a taste in my mouth like bathroom cleaner. It's usually no big deal but if I am getting chemo, then that yucky taste triggers nausea. Having a candy in my mouth totally helps, not for that many flushes. It was a losing battle.

So I spent the day tired and slightly nauseated while waiting for chemo. Too wiped out to talk on the phone or blog much.

I feel much better now. The nausea is completely gone. I am still tired but it is a normal 4:00AM desire to go back to sleep. (Which is what I'm gonna do right now.)

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