Friday, June 1, 2012

Too Much Exertion

At the time, my outing on Wednesday did not feel like too much exertion. But when we got home, I crashed and went to sleep. When I finally woke up, I was upright for about five minutes before the nerve pain started near my ankle. I kept walking around, hoping it would go away. It got stronger and more painful than ever, with every second that passed. In the end, I practically threw myself back in bed to escape the excruciating pain. Luckily, after awhile, that pain went away while I was lying down.

That is what all Wednesday evening and night was like. I could get up for about five minutes, but then I had to lie back down to stop the nerve pain from getting out of control. Sitting did not help. Only lying down helped.

I was just hoping that when I woke up Thursday morning, it would be finished, after a good night's sleep.

On Thursday, I was about to stay upright for quite awhile before the nerve pain started. That was an improvement. Plus, I realized that it took only about 5 minutes of lying down for the nerve pain to go away. That meant that I didn't have to lie there for 45 minutes -- I could lie there for 5 and then get back up again. So Thursday was a lot better than Wednesday.

I forgot to mention that Lou and I talked to the nurse practitioner on Wednesday about the nerve pain. She said that it could be a normal part of the healing process. The best thing that she said was that just because it is happening now, that doesn't mean it will keep happening. It might be temporary.

I sure hope it's temporary.

Can I learn from my mistakes? Well, there was an outing planned for today (Friday). Our neighbors, Nick and Sharon, were driving me and Lou first to my Healing Touch appointment with Amelia Vogler at The Healing Space, and then to the Bonefish Grill for dinner.

I realized that this was exactly the kind of double outing that nearly killed me on Wednesday. So I cancelled the dinner part. It broke my heart, because we would have had a lot of laughs at dinner. Nick and Sharon were really nice my cancellation. They are still going to drive me to my HT appointment, but then take me right home afterward.

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Drake said...

Karen I am so glad you made it to Amelia! I hope it helped you. I think about you a lot! Take care, Anya