Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Woke Up With the Birds

Serious stomach pain woke me up this morning at 5:30am.

Nurse Heather had said to manage that pain just like the back pain, so I took a pill instead of just suffering with it.

And now I feel completely fine.

Thank God. I have to go to Duke for my CT Scan today, and it would be a much more difficult outing if I am miserable.

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Carol Quast said...

Thinking of you and praying for good results today. Glad you took something for your tummy pain. Go Nurse Heather! And Karen!

Anonymous said...

Hoping today goes well and that you can start your next round of chemo soon. Let the cancer beat down begin!

Thinking about you,

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and Prayers are continued for you and Lou. KEEP IT GOING KAREN
Love you

Tinalynne said...

Hope today went well and you can begin chemo to beat back those beasts. Good thing for nurse Heather, so glad there are nurses and doctors in the world that are good and nice. Love you! Sending prayers, good energy, and hugs your way.

Mary Beth said...

Hi, Karen. You have been in our thoughts and prayers. If you are anything at all like me, today must have been a hard one. I hate waiting-I want to know everything right away. I am praying you get the news you would like to hear tomorrow and that you can move forward.
Best wishes for tomorrow :).