Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tummy Ache

I spent the morning sick in bed with a tummy ache and an empty bucket close by just in case.

At about 12:30 I woke up feeling a lot better. I did my three sets of stretches that PT Jaime gave me, and then I had a bowl of chicken soup that Lou heated up for me.

Then my back started killing me, which made sense, because it had been 16+ hours since I'd taken a painkiller.

I took a pill and crawled back into bed to wait for it to kick in. Rex Stout kept me entertained. That is, I'm re-reading "Three at Wolfe's Door."

So now I feel okay and have to get up. Lying around in bed all day is not good for ya.

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Mary Beth said...

So today is Thursday and I really hope it is going better for you than Wednesday! Sorry you had tummy troubles and pain. They are both bad :(. Hope you got in a good night's rest and are felling okay. You are bringing out my maternal feelings so I feel obligated to say, "Don't forget to take your medicine.". Love ya much and hope today is a good day.

Liza Elarbee said...

I was wondering how you were doing so Eileen gave me your blog. I am glad that you are doing better than a few weeks ago! Understandably it is a minute at a time, some days. I am looking forward to reading and getting to know you and your journey. We have a few things in common already. :-) I also love Nero Wolfe. I will have to share his cookbook with you sometime.
I would love to do anything YOU need. Cook for you all, visit, visit on the phone.. anything.
You are awesome.