Saturday, June 30, 2012

Not Sure about the Painkiller

I agreed to give the new painkiller till Monday, but I am not liking it.

The sleepiness has dissipated to be replaced by a kind of irritable depressed zombie mood.

I am going to try to go to sleep right now. Let's put this whole day to bed.

Remember, I said a couple of posts ago to feel free to call me. Don't IM that you wanted to call but blah blah blah :-)

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Anonymous said...

It's not pain killer, it's tell the Truth medicine.

I wondered who sent that text!

Love and caring,

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be a better day! Love, Jeannie

Anonymous said...

I hope today will be a good day for you. When you see your nurse next, you may want to suggest adjusting the dose for your pain meds. I know that that it took some tweaking to get the pain meds right for my mom. Just start a list of things to suggestion with nurse..that's what I did and it came in very handy. MaryKay