Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Agenda

1 Meet hospice nurse

2 Do minimal ironing so I have something to wear

3 Tinalynne arrives late tonight from Montana

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Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Tinalynne. Just plain awesome that she is arriving soon. (From her blog posts, it seems she is s dose of both wise and cheer tonic).

Take care,
(I cut and pasted so I spelled Tinalynne right ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Karen, Hope you have a great visit with Tinalynne!

Love, Jeannie (Eric, Tom, and Phil sending their best)

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Karen......really glad that your best friend is going to visit you. It's amazing how old friends can just meld back into your being as if you saw them yesterday.
Have a wonderful visit.
Love, aunt Peggy

Jenn said...

I keep looking for a "Like" button on your posts. Too much time on Facebook. I am so glad Tinalynne is on her way!