Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Can't Eat Much

I don't think I have said anything about how I have been eating small amounts since coming home from the hospital.

For example, for breakfast, Lou might make me two eggs and one small toast, and it's a struggle to eat the toast and the yolks and a little eggwhite. Then I feel grossly full for awhile.

At first I thought my small appetite was a result of the surgery, but then I realized I was eating even less as time passed, instead of more.

So I started to wonder if perhaps the tumor between the pancreas and liver had grown and was pushing on my stomach, making me feel artificially full.

I ran that idea by Dr R yesterday, and he agreed that it was possible. We'll know when we do the next scan.

Currently the next scan is set up for next week, but we talked about pushing it out one week because I am still sort of weak. We need to be able to jump right into chemo after the scan, so I shouldn't be weak.

By weak, I mean still sleeping a lot during day and still not walking very far.

Hey, this morning I walked to the top of the hill again! It was Mary Beth's comment from yesterday that prompted me to do it. Otherwise, I probably would have wimped out and skipped the walk altogether because I have PT at noon. Thanks, MB!

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Anonymous said...

You and Lou continue to be in my thoughts and prayers...You have helped me more than you think.