Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tinalynne Left for Home

At about 6:00 this morning, Tinalynne hugged me goodbye and headed for the airport with Lou and John.

We had a long tearful goodbye last night, so this morning we had agreed to have a light "Safe journey" type of goodbye.

Spending two full days with Tinalynne was super awesome. Lots of laughs, some tears, and some amazing memories.

Plus it gave me a chance to give her a few things that I wanted her in particular to have. We laughed at the idea that she could ever need a thing to remember me by, which is pretty silly, but it just makes me happy to think of her using certain things in her daily life.

I loved being able to talk about her new social worker job, which is not so new any more. Tinalynne is really good at ferreting out what is wrong with you (not exactly the politically correct way to describe her skill set) so being a social worker and therapist is perfect for her.

After they left for the airport, I went back to sleep for hours. And I'm crawling into bed again now. I think I just have to rest after an exciting two days.

Part of the exhaustion is emotional, I'm sure. You'll notice I'm not giving a lot of detail about what we discussed and how I felt. I do feel supported and loved in my choice to go to hospice, I'll give you that much.

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Anonymous said...

You are blessed to have such good friends that want to walk this path with you. And they (like us) are blessed to know such a warm, bright (in many ways!) person. I imagine you need a rest after your shopping forays, long talks, etc. We wave to you each time we go past on Hole #5. Maybe when your new furniture comes, we'll see you at the window!
Make Lou call us if he needs a ride to Harris Teeter or anywhere, okay? Do you need some ice cream or popsicles for the next few hot days?
Hugs and prayers!
Linda, Carol and Evelyn

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice visit! Sounded like fun. :) -Teresa

Tinalynne said...

Well my friend I am back home...laying on my living room floor watching stargate...missing you, Lou and that sweet puppydog to like my face while I am on the floor! So thankful for the time with you! My outfit for tomorrow, dark blue jeans and a very nice redish/plumish swirly shirt with gold dohickies on it! So awesome...I am so sure that the temps will drop 20 degrees in the next week, so the Amazing green sweater will be next! Luv you KB!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking in for the update and was happy to see your latest post, glad that you had such a good visit with Tinalynne. Eric's folks just arrived, and they send best regards. Love from Jeannie and family.