Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feeling Great

Inexplicably feeling great this morning!

I wanted to post that as soon as possible, because Friday was so awful.

No stomach pain, lung pain, hip pain, or back pain!

Well, okay, my lower back is tight and achy. And I am about to go for my walk, so soon I will be exhausted and headed for a nap.

But all in all, I am like a different person today.

Thanks for all the funny distractions you all sent me yesterday. Puppy videos, puns, jokes... they all helped me get thru the day!

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Anonymous said...

oh I feel so much better 'cos you're having a better day...hang in there...Love Mrs. S. xxoo

Anonymous said...

We continue to wish you more up days than down. You are a trooper. May each day bring you less pain and more energy. We love you.

Georgia said...

Hey Karen, Wishing you many good days! Cheers, Georgia

Aunt Peggy said...

Hugs, good to hear you're having a good day.
Had to put our dog on a diet, she is so punishing us.....the vet said she has to lose 3 lbs., and that is a huge amount for a mini Doxie. She is not a happy camper.
Thought you might enjoy that little story.
Let's see who wins this one.
Keep having good days.

Aunt Peggy

Karen said...

Green beans make awesome low cal dog treats. Our Samantha had to go on a diet years ago, and she gobbled them up like chunks of bunny!

Carol Quast said...

Hi Karen,
So glad you had a great day yesterday and I hope it is a good one today.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl - Hope you're having some good (no make that great) days. Glad you found some sunroom furniture. Hope it's as comfy home as in the store. Hang in there. Let us know if you can keep the dog off the new furniture. I never can with mine. They feel what's mine is there's too. Ok I can share....Luv ya!