Monday, June 18, 2012

George is Here!

Our old pal George is here for a couple days!

Lou worked for George a million years ago at Pacer in Massachusetts. And they are working together now at Endicia in California.

The guys are golfing today and tomorrow. Well, George is golfing and Lou is driving the cart.

Lots of laughs when George is around.

Today I think is going to be a good day. Right now I am in bed, recovering from breakfast. (I feel awful for awhile after I eat.)

I just talked to Dr Reidel's nurse Heather, and she was very helpful and sweet. She suggested grazing little bites all day, taking painkillers, and especially staying hydrated.

I have not been drinking enough water, so I'm making an effort now.

So far today, I am not miserable! Yahoo!

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1 comment:

Carol Quast said...

drinking water will help you walk more. :-)

glad you're having a good day.