Monday, February 14, 2011

decadron energy

Last night I was so exhausted, I curled up carefully so as not to get tangled in my IV cord, and fell right to sleep.  But then after 11:30 someone came in looking for blood, and I woke up and the decadron kicked in.  I was WIDE AWAKE and ANTSY.

I went for a 20 minute walk to burn off some energy. I looped around the elevator tower a bunch of times all by my lonesome.

Then I spent some time surfing the web for coffee mugs and dessert plates for my fine china pattern.  The traditional cup and saucer is lovely but very small at 5.5 oz.  Plus each cup and saucer would cost $79 bucks!  And I need 6 of them.  Yikes.  I could deal with that if they were bigger.  But why pay so much for a couple of sips?  Luckily there is a newer mug too at 13 oz and just $39 each -- and no saucer is required.  Nice!  But I was not prepared toactually make a big purchase fueled ny decadron.  Better to let some time go by when I amnot under the influence of a steroid.

Happily, the nurse came in and offered me Ambien to help me sleep.  I accepted, and it worked.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Cheering you on indeed. I know you were with us today in our discussion group in spirit. Lifting up prayers & sending support your way.