Sunday, February 13, 2011

one down, two to go

I survived the first dose of ifosfamide.  Actually, it went very smoothly. The chemo started at 11:20PM and I was hyper-vigilant till the bag was 75% empty, then I relaxed and started dozing off.  The bag was empty at 12:20PM.

No nausea, no confusion, no blood in my urine... it's all good.

I am tired though.  It is really hard to sleep in the hospital.  Lou stayed with me all night, which was very reasurring, but he just left a little while ago to go to the hotel and sleep a bit.  Before he left, we went to the Starbucks down by the cafeteria.  Awesome.

I have already seen Dr R this morning.  We talked about how well it is going so far and what the rest of the weekend will be like.  It seems likely that I'll be discharged around 9 or 10 PM Monday, and if so we'll crash at the hotel and head home on Tuesday morning.

So far I am fine and looking forward to visitors today.  I'm going to text Doane my room number...

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Anonymous said...

Got the text and passed it on!!!
You sounded great. There a bunch of us out here sending you Ts&Ps. And you keep up that PMA, we are all helping with that, also.

Love ya (and Lou)