Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quilty Goodness From Aunt Peg

I am all wrapped up in quilty goodness from Aunt Peg as I sit here in the cold kitchen tapping away on Nick's old laptop. 

My Aunt Peg mailed me a person-sized quilt from the Prayers and Squares Ministry at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chapter 804, in Sparks Nevada.  Aunt Peg and other folks made the quilt and said prayers for me. Every knot represents a prayer said for me.  There are a lot of knots here, in cool dark green thread. One of the knots is a tidy bow, but the rest of them are just floppy dangly hopeful strings.

Tonight has not been the best night.

Lou and I were both exhausted, so we went to bed early, but then I could not sleep.  So I got up and surfed the web and picked out a couple of books at Barnes and Nobel dot com.  I was pretty excited about these books, something new and intriguing to read now that I can focus again.

But when I finally crawled back into bed, that discomfort started again pretty strong.  I thrashed around a bit and woke up Lou unfortunately. I was due for more Advil. (Have I mentioned that I have been taking Advil about every six hours, because the discomfort keeps coming back?  I do not think that this is a good thing, all this discomfort.  I wanted the first dose of chemo to make it go away, but apparently I will have to be more patient.)

I decided to check my hospital discharge papers.  The paperwork suggests 600 mg of ibuprophen every six hours.  I have been taking only 400 mg.  Throwing caution to the mind, I upped my dose to 600.  Of course I didn't get instantaneous relief. To spare Lou more thrashing about, I dragged myself out of bed to my office.

I wrapped myself up in my new prayer quilt and decided to say the rosary.  (It has been ages since I have wanted to do that.) When I realized that I would be reciting the Sorrowful Mysteries because it is Friday, I started laughing out loud.  I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and all my discomfort.  It was perfect to read about Jesus's prayers and pain and troubles instead.

And by the time I was done, the Advil had kicked in and I felt a million times better.

Now I am ready to crawl back into bed for the third time tonight with two simple hopes: a) do not wake up Lou and b) fall asleep already!


Jean Trainor said...

Do you get neuralasta shots after the chemo to protect you blood strength? if so and the discomfort you talk about is bone pain. I have heard that Clatitin, an over the counter anti-histimine taken the day before and then for a few days after can do the trick

Good luck


Jean Trainor said...